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Legatafo residence who lost their homes wrote message to the Prime minister of Ethiopia



Legatafo residence who lost their homes wrote message to the Prime minister of Ethiopia

 As the information suggests, non-interest-free banking has raised deposits of about 30 billion birr.  At the end of last year, the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (SBB), the Highest Savings Fund, has shown that its non-cash collection has not exceeded three percent.  After a few years of following the expansion of banking services, it is clear that the money generated in this sector has grown.

The 10th Dashen Bank was granted a license to start a loan from the interest-ins free of charge.  In various regional cities, the Seminole Intercontinental Hotel was also a plan to expand the service.

Dashen Bank said that it had been delayed to start a non-interest free banking service.  Dashen Bank Chief Executive, Ato Asfaw Alemu, said that the bank, which delayed launching the service, is keen not only to engage in business transactions like other banking services, but also to take advantage of the Shariah principles, values ​​and the rule of law.

Throughout the discussion, the non-profit organization is actively involved in the realization of Shariah values ​​and has gained great acceptance, recognition, and trust in the community.  At the forum, the members of the Shari'eh Committee reached the people.

Asrat Ato Asfew noted that only 54,000 beneficiaries had deposited their money in unpaid banknotes in a single year, making it one billion birr.

According to the president, the Bank is working to establish trust and to establish trust with the users before following the launch of the Shariah law.  He has even been commissioned to set up a Shariah committee, which has the same level of power in the board, and is promoted to the board of directors for the free banking services.

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