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Ethiopia || Tianse trick News



Ethiopia || Tianse trick News


The party you want to send will give you the money, but I do not want interest.  It does not say that you will give me the money.  But the customer says he has the right to make a foreign currency from the export business. 

Today, the Islamic banking system is canceled, and the system of the regular banking system is weak," said Uzza Mohammed, "if a country does not have a financially-controlled banking system, it will not work if it gets any money.  "Because the money is in the barrel of our money."

But while providing an explanation of the need for Islamic economics, Islamic banking is also helping to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor.  Explains to him that it is important to at least make the difference, and plays a prominent role in social justice, reflecting their positive impact on the economy.

This has led to the launch of the Sheikh Bank, An Nasa (Women's) and Himab (Gift) and Electronic Cards, which she has provided to customers via interest-free banking platforms based on Shariah principles.  They also present anecdotal analysis of interest-free banking and financial aspects, as well as Shari'a principles, as well as the hypothesis of hyphenation or prohibition.

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