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News briefing on different hot issues happened on the holiday week in Ethiopia



News briefing on different hot issues happened on the holiday week in Ethiopia 

Since the bank began deposit-free banking, it has reportedly achieved a successful result on deposits.  Organizers have said preparations have been finalized to equip business licensing and investment finance requests for the entire business community.  The CEO of Dessie Bank, an untrained banking service manager, Dessaleh Bekele, said that the money will be financed by finishing financing, giving priority to which one will be handled.

Dachek Bank also includes optional services that can benefit customers who do not want to pay or interest on a free banking interest.  This system, which will be implemented on specific services, will also include new services that will be implemented in the future.

The service is only operated on Shariah-approved and solely for commercial use, and is said to follow its own procedure, which is unchanged with conventional banking system.  Money on non-cash services will not be aligned with the amount of money that is transferred to ordinary banking.

  Annotations were made to the service provided that the service was provided in separate windows.  The way the money is moving is different than the loan.  As Uzhaz Mohammed put it, when depositing money in this service through money and the money collected for it, the jobs are selected and examined. 

For example, a cup factory is not allowed to be insured through this deposit.  Not for petty trading.  Drinking hotels do not get access to this service.  It is important to make sure that it is clear when money is held and for debts.

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